Husk Mig


  • Call Me Back Again
    Wings Call Me Back Again
  • Beware My Love
    Paul McCartney & Wings Beware My Love
  • Love Is Gonna Come at Last
    Badfinger Love Is Gonna Come a...
  • Get Up and Go
    The Rutles Get Up and Go
  • Wide Prairie
    Linda McCartney Wide Prairie
  • Fading In And Fading Out
    Ringo Starr Fading In And Fading...
  • Weight Of The World
    Ringo Starr Weight Of The World
  • You Gave Me the Answer
    Wings You Gave Me the Answer
  • Time to Hide
    Paul McCartney & Wings Time to Hide
  • I Must Be in Love
    The Rutles I Must Be in Love
  • It's Looking Good
    The Rutles It's Looking Good
  • How Do You Sleep?
    John Lennon How Do You Sleep?
  • Goose-Step Mama
    The Rutles Goose-Step Mama
  • Jet
    Paul McCartney & Wings Jet
  • Blue Suede Schubert
    The Rutles Blue Suede Schubert
  • Between Us
    The Rutles Between Us
  • Yesterday
    Paul McCartney & Wings Yesterday
  • Spirits of Ancient Egypt
    Wings Spirits of Ancient E...
  • Liverpool 8
    Ringo Starr Liverpool 8
  • Blackbird
    Paul McCartney & Wings Blackbird
  • Death of a Clown
    The Kinks Death of a Clown
  • Cold Turkey
    John Lennon Cold Turkey
  • Helen Wheels
    Paul McCartney & Wings Helen Wheels
  • Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds
    Elton John Lucy in the Sky With...
  • With a Girl Like You
    The Rutles With a Girl Like You - Det nye webindeks